Mutants and Masterminds - A Tale of Two Cities

Emerald City - 1s and 0s

Rachel Hunter receives a call from her father’s old partner, Detective Michael Kozek wanting to catch up over coffee. He asks how Rachel is doing and begins complaining about how he’s supposed to catch these “super-powered villains”. He’s working on a bank burglary case where there are no signs of forced entry and all security systems disabled including the security cameras. Rachel asks to look around the crime scene to offer any insight she has. Detective Kozek agrees, noting her “father’s eye for detail” that may help in his case.

After surveying the crime scene to no avail, Rachel calls Jack Chandler to help investigate. As they’re both discussing what happened, they spot a security camera in the alley adjacent to the bank. As they look over the camera, they also notice a strange figure on a nearby roof. Zero-One, a cyborg, has been also surveying the area because of the concentrated police presence. Making eye contact, they motion to a nearby diner and all 3 enter. The waitress assumes Zero-One is a cosplayer and serves them coffee. As they discuss the need to work together in this manner, they also call The Klaxon using a low pitched hum.

They speak to the owner of the security camera and find footage of a man approaching the electrical junction box on the side of the bank, placing his hand upon it, and then disappearing. Minutes later, he reappears at the same spot with a several drones floating around him carrying large bags, assumed to be the contents of the vault and safety deposit boxes.

All 4 return to Zero-One’s laboratory to research how this could be possible. They learn MarsTech had reported the theft of equipment from their R&D department 2 weeks ago. Klaxon uses his contacts to arrange an interview with Maximillion Mars, CEO of MarsTech, to hopefully snoop around for clues. Upon entering the MarsTech corporate office, Zero-One draws attention from the security guards.

“We don’t let prototypes in the front door. We have a screening process before we allow technology into the head quarters.” – Guard

The Klaxon attempts to smooth over the situation as Maximillian Mars exits the elevator and waves off the guards. He immediately recognizes the characters as super heroes and invites them down. Wary of his intent, they agree and he begins explaining the device taken from his company less than 2 weeks earlier.

“Jerry was a very bright researcher, and we paid him well. He was greedy, but he had skills we needed. Sadly, those with the most ambition often neglect morals in order to further their status. He stole a prototype that allows a person to transport themselves using any form of conduit like electrical lines. We also had a working alpha feature that would allow the user to do so through wifi.”

After discussing potential ways to trap Jerry, they plan to set a trap at the Evergreen Museum which will be hosting the royal crown in the coming week. After speaking with the museum coordinator, they are granted access to the museum’s vault as well as cooperation from its staff. They flip the breaker leading to electrical access in the vault and plan to ambush him near its entrance. Thursday night is when the crown will arrive.

On Thursday night, they lie in waiting. Soon they recognize the sound of sirens approaching and then passing the museum. Rachel uses her super speed to follow and learn that a local concert hall has been attacked, the attendees being held as hostages by “ninjas”. Returning to the group, they decide they must free the hostages and hide the crown in Zero-One’s lab.

As they approach the concert hall, they are attacked by ninjas on the roof top and begin assaulting the building to free the hostages. They realize that there is an organization called the Shadow Guild that operates as mercenaries for hire. After entering through the roof hatch, they begin attacking the ninjas nearest to the hostages. Soon into combat an explosion erupts in the direction of the museum and the ninjas begin departing.

They race back to the museum to find a four legged walking drone with a large cannon attached to its central body. The Crusader carries Zero-One whilst flying to the museum. Rachel rushes ahead to find 4 flying drones throughout the museum searching. Zero-One and The Crusader begin blasting and pummeling the drone. Rachel quickly opens the vault door to be blasted by Jerry wielding an electro-gun. As Crusader, Klaxon and Zero-One make their way past the walker drone, they attract the laser fire of the flying drones inside. Jerry unleashes a massive electrical shock against all the heroes when Klaxon notes a power meter on the teleportation belt shows its almost out of power. As the heroes begin focusing their attacks on Jerry, he teleports away. Velocity remembers that there was a 4th flying drone near the rear entrance of the museum. As he rushes back there, he spots Jerry attempting to escape the museum and they soon quickly apprehend him. Zero-One carries his unconscious body to the police department and inform them of his crimes.

The heroes are invited to a press conference in front of MarsTech the next day by Max.

“Heroes like these standing before you are not only necessary in these trying times, but desired! We need everyone to stand up for what’s right and I will support any of those who try to make the world a better place. Peace can be only achieved through those with determination and strength.” The heroes and the press conference receive very favorable coverage in the news outlets.



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