Welcome to A Tale of Two Cities.

This campaign will focus on the player characters building a super hero organization, gaining the support of the public, and becoming symbols of virtues in a world under threat of super villainy.

One group of heroes located in Freedom City has to deal with a public jaded by the actions of some careless supers. Corruption in both the super hero community as well as the local government has allowed criminal activity to thrive. The city landscape is scarred from previous super hero battles and is a reminder of the false hope invested heroes of the past.

Our other group is in Emerald City which is currently struggling to understand how a city can function with the threat of super villains on a weekly basis. Some local councilmen conjecture that the presence of super heroes attract these villains. Some villains seem to want to cause suffering, while others have been targeting technology from MarsTech labs.

Will the heroes succeed in restoring honor and virtue among super heroes? Can they manage to form a strong and long-lasting organization that highlights the best of humankind? Will they stop villains threatening the lives of innocent at every turn? Tune in next week!

Mutants and Masterminds - A Tale of Two Cities

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