Emerald City

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Most citizens in Emerald City would have a hard time determining whether a costumed individual is a villain or a super hero. The idea of benevolent heroes protecting the city is a foreign concept. Some question whether having heroes is necessary or if they’re the reason villains attack the city in the first place!

Segments of the City

  • Downtown – Bustling hub located near the waterfront, contains Under City
  • Royal Hill – Upper class neighborhood located in northern hills
  • University Hill – Home to Emerald City University (ECU) in the southern hills
  • Sunset Hill – middle class, borders river leading to peninsula
  • Angel Island – Nature preserve located in Malory bay
  • Fortress Island Penitentiary – prison located on island in Malory bay

The Toxin attack – September 18th, 2015

Mid morning on a bustling Saturday, explosive propellants expelled an unknown gas around the Yellow Brick Row shopping district. Within minutes, some who inhaled began mutating into strange beings. Some took on shapes of animals, others burst into flame, while some grew extra limbs. Many of those impacted appeared to immediately turn insane and begin attacking people, stores, and even newspaper racks. The chaos of the hours following the attack has been reported far and wide as the worst attack on American soil in some time. Some super heroes have emerged relatively unscathed from the ordeal, other than the terror they had to witness firsthand. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

Emerald City

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