Mutants and Masterminds - A Tale of Two Cities

Emerald Herald - A New Friend?

Some commuters were awestruck this morning while crossing the Emerald Bay. Atop our wonderful bridge that spans the cool water is a silvery figure standing tall. It appears highly polished, reflecting light brightly to those passing under. Thankfully, no traffic accidents have been attributed to the sight.

Members of J.A.V.E.L.I.N. have stated they are not sure what the “robot” is doing here. You could hear firsthand account of the robot appearing through a green portal in the bay earlier yesterday from The Klaxon, a local radio personality. He was broadcasting live from on scene, and you could hear the screams of the crowd attempting to avoid in the conflict unfolding. There appears to have been some separate force, futuristic soldiers armed with swords, emerging from red portals across the city.

Shortly after the portals had begun appearing, all broadcasts were interrupted by a video of an alien but humanoid figure speaking in an unknown language. The FCC is looking into these broadcasts but have no comment at this time.

MarsTech apparently was granted access to the shiny figure to investigate if it poses any threat. Maximillian Mars says," At this time, we are not detecting any signals or other signs of activity from the object. We’ll continue observing but we believe it poses no threat at this time."

Hopefully, this will just be a new adornment on our elegant architecture, but it certainly makes this reporter uneasy.

Written by April Flores

Emerald City - 1s and 0s

Rachel Hunter receives a call from her father’s old partner, Detective Michael Kozek wanting to catch up over coffee. He asks how Rachel is doing and begins complaining about how he’s supposed to catch these “super-powered villains”. He’s working on a bank burglary case where there are no signs of forced entry and all security systems disabled including the security cameras. Rachel asks to look around the crime scene to offer any insight she has. Detective Kozek agrees, noting her “father’s eye for detail” that may help in his case.

After surveying the crime scene to no avail, Rachel calls Jack Chandler to help investigate. As they’re both discussing what happened, they spot a security camera in the alley adjacent to the bank. As they look over the camera, they also notice a strange figure on a nearby roof. Zero-One, a cyborg, has been also surveying the area because of the concentrated police presence. Making eye contact, they motion to a nearby diner and all 3 enter. The waitress assumes Zero-One is a cosplayer and serves them coffee. As they discuss the need to work together in this manner, they also call The Klaxon using a low pitched hum.

They speak to the owner of the security camera and find footage of a man approaching the electrical junction box on the side of the bank, placing his hand upon it, and then disappearing. Minutes later, he reappears at the same spot with a several drones floating around him carrying large bags, assumed to be the contents of the vault and safety deposit boxes.

All 4 return to Zero-One’s laboratory to research how this could be possible. They learn MarsTech had reported the theft of equipment from their R&D department 2 weeks ago. Klaxon uses his contacts to arrange an interview with Maximillion Mars, CEO of MarsTech, to hopefully snoop around for clues. Upon entering the MarsTech corporate office, Zero-One draws attention from the security guards.

“We don’t let prototypes in the front door. We have a screening process before we allow technology into the head quarters.” – Guard

The Klaxon attempts to smooth over the situation as Maximillian Mars exits the elevator and waves off the guards. He immediately recognizes the characters as super heroes and invites them down. Wary of his intent, they agree and he begins explaining the device taken from his company less than 2 weeks earlier.

“Jerry was a very bright researcher, and we paid him well. He was greedy, but he had skills we needed. Sadly, those with the most ambition often neglect morals in order to further their status. He stole a prototype that allows a person to transport themselves using any form of conduit like electrical lines. We also had a working alpha feature that would allow the user to do so through wifi.”

After discussing potential ways to trap Jerry, they plan to set a trap at the Evergreen Museum which will be hosting the royal crown in the coming week. After speaking with the museum coordinator, they are granted access to the museum’s vault as well as cooperation from its staff. They flip the breaker leading to electrical access in the vault and plan to ambush him near its entrance. Thursday night is when the crown will arrive.

On Thursday night, they lie in waiting. Soon they recognize the sound of sirens approaching and then passing the museum. Rachel uses her super speed to follow and learn that a local concert hall has been attacked, the attendees being held as hostages by “ninjas”. Returning to the group, they decide they must free the hostages and hide the crown in Zero-One’s lab.

As they approach the concert hall, they are attacked by ninjas on the roof top and begin assaulting the building to free the hostages. They realize that there is an organization called the Shadow Guild that operates as mercenaries for hire. After entering through the roof hatch, they begin attacking the ninjas nearest to the hostages. Soon into combat an explosion erupts in the direction of the museum and the ninjas begin departing.

They race back to the museum to find a four legged walking drone with a large cannon attached to its central body. The Crusader carries Zero-One whilst flying to the museum. Rachel rushes ahead to find 4 flying drones throughout the museum searching. Zero-One and The Crusader begin blasting and pummeling the drone. Rachel quickly opens the vault door to be blasted by Jerry wielding an electro-gun. As Crusader, Klaxon and Zero-One make their way past the walker drone, they attract the laser fire of the flying drones inside. Jerry unleashes a massive electrical shock against all the heroes when Klaxon notes a power meter on the teleportation belt shows its almost out of power. As the heroes begin focusing their attacks on Jerry, he teleports away. Velocity remembers that there was a 4th flying drone near the rear entrance of the museum. As he rushes back there, he spots Jerry attempting to escape the museum and they soon quickly apprehend him. Zero-One carries his unconscious body to the police department and inform them of his crimes.

The heroes are invited to a press conference in front of MarsTech the next day by Max.

“Heroes like these standing before you are not only necessary in these trying times, but desired! We need everyone to stand up for what’s right and I will support any of those who try to make the world a better place. Peace can be only achieved through those with determination and strength.” The heroes and the press conference receive very favorable coverage in the news outlets.

Freedom City - Damn Dirty Apes

The heroes are going about their day on a Friday. The city is set to host a concert on Friday night as well as basketball game between ECU and FCU on Saturday.

Around mid morning, the news begins coverage of a strange hurricane like storm circling around Pyramid Plaza in the shopping district. The heroes communicate and converge on the skyscraper.

The Pyramid Plaza is a unique skyscraper, formed with 3 sides and 100 stories tall. The very top floor hosts luxurious shopping and the floor below a world class restaurant. As Dr Tempo and Dapper Dan fly up the side of the large building, they spot the hurricane storm circling the top levels as well as a likely source of it. They recognize her as the Weather Mistress, a member of the Thieves Guild. Neptune, Red Phoenix, and Mojito enter the lobby when a security guard grabs their attention. “They’ve locked down the top three floors!”, while spinning the CCTV monitor around. They can see some hostages laying in frightened positions near the elevator banks at the center of the top floor.

Using Mojito’s telepathy, they decide to meet on the 60th floor and begin planning. Dapper Dan astral projects himself into the top floor and begins a closer surveillance. He seems the rest of the members of the Thieves Guild looting, while Mad Maple and The Bolas watching over the hostages. Mad Maple is giving a diatribe over the supremacy of Canada and it’s healthcare system. Beginning to work out a plan of action, the heroes quickly act due to Firebug torching the the remaining goods. They take the elevator to the top floor and unload upon the villains. Firebug and The Bolas are quickly taken out as the heroes face a barrage of mirrors and ice blasts near the elevator. Once the villains see their teammates drop, they begin trying to escape themselves. Mad Maple escapes creating an ice bridge down the large building, Weather Mistress flies away, and Looking Glass almost escapes to be knocked unconscious after activating her jet pack. The heroes notice in the horizon, Blackstone Prison, has an unusual presence of black clouds near its top. The heroes quickly hand over the villains to the police after Mojito determines using his mental powers that these two events are unrelated. The police offer the use of their boat for the heroes to get to Blackstone.

Dapper Dan approached Blackstone before the police show up, scouting the area. Soon the clouds begin to lift and show an bipedal ape and a prisoner still in his garb atop the battlements where the first incarnation of the prison stood. As the others arrive, Dapper Dan takes two strong hits of whirling air and sand from the ape, knocking him unconscious towards the water. The ape begins talking about strange things like “Apegypt” and ape kind while blasting the heroes. After fighting it out for a few brief moments, the ape whispers to the prisoner and both disappear. Red Phoenix recognizes the prisoner as one of the “plagues” that had impacted the city ten years ago. He has control of darkness and uses shadows to weave powerful magic.

They begin investigating the rest of the prison as the lights and power are off. Upon entering the checkpoint near the top of the prison, they smell a cigar burning and a strong scotch. Seated behind the guard’s position watching a CCTV feed and a New Channel 5 feed, sits Dr. Simian. Dr. Simian is also a bipedal ape with human level intelligence, known for his attempts to coerce human kind into slavery or at least submission. He greets the heroes cordially, much more friendly than one would expect. “Well, I have watched the destruction they have wreaked. I can help you fight them as I know their weaknesses. All you need to do in return is to let me walk away free afterwards.” The heroes contemplate how this would impact their reputation and ultimately decide against it.

They search the rest of the prison, attend to guards and the Warden who was knocked unconscious and learn that 12 other villains had escaped after their containment fields had been disabled.

Without a trail to follow or much information about the mysterious ape that seemingly rescued the prisoner Chosech, they turn to research. While researching, they spot on News 5 that a reporter is on site from their battle at Pyramid Plaza, surveying the damage. On the live broadcast they notice the appearance of Chosech and the mysterious ape appear in the shadows. The ape begins searching through containers and file cabinets, shelves, looking for something desperately. They once again decide to meet at the skyscraper.

When they arrive, they detect he is now on the 95th floor, and appears to have been searching each floor working his way down. Dr. Tempo speaks with the reporter and his cameraman, asking to borrow their strong light used for their night time camerawork. 3 heroes take the elevator to the 95th floor, while 2 others run down the stairs. They surprise the villains and begin attack with all their might. Mojito appears to be unable to mind control Chosech as his mind is already under the influence of another. Dr. Tempo drenches the area in bright light, appearing to weaken Chosech’s ability to manipulate shadows. Dapper Dan spots a mysterious necklace on the ape looking to be Ancient Egyptian in origin. As they battle shadow minions, Mojito uses telekinesis to rip the necklace from the ape’s neck. They soon render Chosech unconscious and focus their efforts on the ape. They quickly subdue him as well. As they are catching their breath after such an intense fight, a bright light forms a portal in the middle of room. Out of it steps 5 bipedal apes who are costumed. They introduce themselves as the “Primate Patrol” and apologize for Professor Victor (mysterious ape) gaining control of their device to move between universes and offer to take him back to their universe. They exchange introductions and say if they ever happen to be on Ape-Earth, they will find any help they can offer. Asking what Professor Victor was looking for, they explain he had attempted to gather numerous Apegyption artifacts on their planet which were taken away after he was captured. He may have come here looking for more that weren’t guarded as fervently. The Primate Patrol and their prisoner return through the portal after once again thanking the heroes.

Dapper Dan begins looking for a magical artifact of power and does sense it in the building. They are unable to locate where it is exactly but may return later to continue its search.

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