Mutants and Masterminds - A Tale of Two Cities

Emerald Herald - A New Friend?

Some commuters were awestruck this morning while crossing the Emerald Bay. Atop our wonderful bridge that spans the cool water is a silvery figure standing tall. It appears highly polished, reflecting light brightly to those passing under. Thankfully, no traffic accidents have been attributed to the sight.

Members of J.A.V.E.L.I.N. have stated they are not sure what the “robot” is doing here. You could hear firsthand account of the robot appearing through a green portal in the bay earlier yesterday from The Klaxon, a local radio personality. He was broadcasting live from on scene, and you could hear the screams of the crowd attempting to avoid in the conflict unfolding. There appears to have been some separate force, futuristic soldiers armed with swords, emerging from red portals across the city.

Shortly after the portals had begun appearing, all broadcasts were interrupted by a video of an alien but humanoid figure speaking in an unknown language. The FCC is looking into these broadcasts but have no comment at this time.

MarsTech apparently was granted access to the shiny figure to investigate if it poses any threat. Maximillian Mars says," At this time, we are not detecting any signals or other signs of activity from the object. We’ll continue observing but we believe it poses no threat at this time."

Hopefully, this will just be a new adornment on our elegant architecture, but it certainly makes this reporter uneasy.

Written by April Flores



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