Scott Lang


Scott is an average size male. Blond hair, blue eyes. He has a trident tattoo on his chest and tribal tattoo on both shoulders and upper arms. When in everyday life he wears plad shirts, denim jeans, converse shoes and hipster glasses. In is super hero form he wears no shirt with diver pants, no shoes, a spear, javelin, and small shield. Common curse. “By the trident of Poseidon.”


Scott grew up in downtown Emerald City. His parents were poor and he was only slightly able to pass high school mainly due to boredom. He was captain of the swim team and was always at home in the water. Probably why he decided to skip college and instead to become a fisherman. His dream was to one day make enough money to buy his own boat. He always thought wildlife especially in the see was beautiful. One day during a massive storm in the Pacific he was busy tying down all of the items on the ship and securing them. Then out of nowhere bam the ship hit a rock and exploded. He was thrown out to see. He drifted for what seemed an eternity until he passed out. He awoke in a comfortable bed to find out he was rescued by people from the sea. The people of the kingdom of Sheir. Deep under the sea these people dwell for 2 years he lived among them and with their training and sorcery he became a warrior. Then the king had decided to send him back to the land dwellers world. He said that the ancient seers had prophesied of a land dweller who would come and save his people as well as the earth. Your job is to help save our people. With this purpose he came back to Emerald City. He started a lobbyist group and non for profit for sea and seaside protection and started fighting crime and vandalism for polluting companies. This is where he met up with other heroes and formed a team. Their last mission together they fought the infamous mole man but in doing so was seen and potentially recognized by one of the bystanders. So he decided now was a great time to open another branch of his non for profit Sea Life in Freedom City where pollution is rampant.

Scott Lang

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