Rachel Hunter


Rachel is nothing to out of the ordinary. Just under 5,1 and 110 pounds and 25. Rachel has dark brown hair and blue eyes. When she needs to fight crime, she will change into jeans, a red t-shirt with a black lighting bolt on the front, (for the Black Bolt, her favorite super hero), and a pair of red converse.


Rachel’s lives in the basement of her mothers home. Her father and brother both died in the line of duty as police offers when she was only 18. They now live off of there fathers and brothers pension from the force. On the day of the gas leak, Rachel and her mother were out having a fun filled day. Then the gas hit. Her and her mother were at ground zero of the gas explosion. One minute Rachel is next to her mother shopping, the next thing she knows, she is able to see the world around her almost come to a standstill. But it was not, nothing had stopped moving, she was just moving faster than those around her. Her mother was not so lucky. She was found in a coma. Now Rachel uses her new gift to help those in need. Standing up for the code of honor and morals that her father though her before he died. She no longer works as a nurse, but as a messenger. This gives her the freedom to fight crime and take care of her mom. Rachel feels that with all the new super people come about, that something needs to be done to ensure that nothing bad happens to good people. She is all for starting a group to respond to the villains around.

Rachel Hunter

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