Jack Chandler: The Crusader


Jack is a young man standing tall at 6’3" and appears reasonably muscular at 205 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears clothes that look like old, worn hand-me-downs. He wears costume glasses in his street clothes, but when he appears as the Crusader he changes (unnaturally quickly) into black tights and a bleached white shirt, no glasses.


Jack always wanted to be Superman. He grew up reading the comic books, watching the movies, he had the Superman lunchbox and the Superman PJs and Superman-themed birthday parties. Even after he hit puberty the love of his favorite hero did not dwindle.

As a teenager, Jack did some work for a man, Donald Brimstone, to earn extra money while he went to school. Donald inevitably learned of Jack’s admiration for Superman and promised to make Jack’s dreams come true. One night, Donald invited Jack to his office for a surprise. When Jack arrived, Donald sat him in a chair with a number of giant metal cylinders pointed at it. Donald turned on the cylinders and various beams of light shined onto Jack, making him feel like his bones were burning. When it was over, though, he immediately felt stronger, faster… he could fly! As he lowered down to thank Donald though, he saw that those cylinders had released hatch doors and revealed dead bodies inside. As it turned out, Donald had kidnapped 10 people and stolen their essence in order to grant Jack’s powers.

Horrified, Jack ran away. He couldn’t go home and face his family ever again. He lived on the streets, digging for food out of trash cans. Eventually he decided as long as he had powers he was an insult to the memory of those that died if he just lived like a bum. He tried to find Donald—now known as the Warden—but Donald was long gone. Jack did, however, track down the families of some of his victims and did what he could to anonymously help them out for awhile. One family, the Appleseeds, discovered who he was and took him in, so he stays with them about once a week. He doesn’t need to eat or drink (and living with the hunger and thirst is part of how he works through his guilt), but he still goes back for Sunday dinner every week so he never forgets the faces of the people who suffer as a result of his powers and so he never forgets the people he’s promised to himself he has to protect.

Jack Chandler: The Crusader

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