Dr. Coralina Tempo


Dr. Tempo appears fairly nondescript. A brunette with blue eyes and a slight build, she does not appear strong or fast. She is always, however, peering beyond the surface of what she’s looking at, as if she’s always analyzing what she observes.


Dad left when I was a kid. Gave me his pocket watch like he sometimes did, told me he’d be back in two hours, and he never did. I took the watch apart. I put it back together. I did it again. Like, a million times. I ended up landing a job with a watch shop fixing clocks to make a living until I graduated high school and got accepted to Freedom University (Go FU!). Then I didn’t have time to work a full time job anymore. I planned on graduating in two years and getting my doctorate in five and I wasn’t going to be late. So I made easy money signing up for university clinical trials—any and every one I could get to pay me. Maybe I pushed my luck a little too far with the neurochemistry trials because at the end of my second year, weird things started happening. Like, I could see the flow of time like wind currents in the air, hear it in the fluctuations of my friends voices. And then I started controlling it in little ways, like speeding up air flow in certain directions to lift me up and let me fly, or speed up cellular regeneration to heal wounds faster.

You can’t keep something like that a secret when you have an obligation to report your ongoing health to 6 different clinical trials. Maybe I should have. Scientists from all over came to look at me. The local news did a story on me. Then the weirdos started showing up, calling me out to have some freak showdown in the union square or trying to trick me into helping them commit crimes. One dude even proposed we get pregnant and birth superhuman kids who could control time and breathe fire. I don’t even know where my powers come from, or whether they’re hereditary but I don’t think I want to find out. I do know, though, that once those guys start coming for you, you get pulled into the crime-fighting world or it spills into your life and you have to make sure you’re on the right side of it. I’m always on the lookout for new information to help me make sense of the universe and what exactly is my place in it. Will I be able to do new weird things with my time-sensitive brain? We’ll just have to find out.

Dr. Coralina Tempo

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