Daniel Page


Daniel, 24, stands 6’4, 185 pounds. He has black hair that falls down to his shoulders, that he keeps slicked black. He wears a three piece suite most of the time. Preferring to look the part of the professional. He keeps a cane and a pipe with him as well. When fighting crime, he goes by Dapper Dan


Daniel and his brother Robert were born into an orphanage, not knowing his mother and father. His brother was adopted out at an young age, and Daniel was forced to spend him time alone. Making friends did not come easy. Most of his time was spent alone and with books. At the age of 16, well attend a school field trip, Daniel wonder away from the group and into the Black Lotus Apothecary and Forgotten Finds. Well in there, he knocked over a book, the lights flashed, and the wind blew. The next thing he knew he was waking up in a bed in some room in the building. The owner told informed him that he had released the magic that had lay dormant within him self, needed a teacher to show him the ways. The next day, teacher arrived and took Daniel away from the orphanage. This was the first real family he had known. Over the next 8 years, Daniel has learned the ways of the mystic arts through his teacher. Working from time to time with the other super hero’s in the city. He does not go out of his way to keep his identity hidden. When not fighting crime, he spends his time running the Black Lotus, researching the strange and occult, and picking Dr Tempos brain about physics.

Daniel Page

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